History. The emergence and development of the Maine Coon


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Balanced and calm, tranquility, this "gentle giant" with quiet power She is a sociable cat. She is gentle, affectionate and very attached to his roommate ...

The Maine Coon cat is a muscular, powerful, and is one of the largest domestic cat. She is originally from the United States. A well-balanced temperament, affectionate, his rolling gait is reminiscent of big cats. The Maine Coon has grown to four years.


Our kittens leave home at the age of 3 months, not neutered, vaccinated 2 times, 3 times dewormed and microchipped.
The tree will be issued after the purchase agreement. A certificate from the statutory rate is also willing to have the name of the kitten's parents, his birth date. We give them much attention. They are spoiled, be petted and socialized.
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Origins of Maine Coon.

The Maine Coon is probably one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. Many legends describe the origin of the breed. The most common tells that the Maine Coon is the result of a cross between cats and raccoons (raccoon in English), which would explain their color (most common is the brown tabby, that is to say Tiger brown) and very bushy tail. Of course, it is genetically impossible to realize such a crossing guard but the race of the legend's name.

The second argues that the Maine Coon is a descendant of the six cats angora sent by Marie-Antoinette of Austria while preparing his flight to escape the French Revolution. These Angora were brought into the boat's captain Sally Samuel Clough of Wiscasset with other personal belongings of the queen. The Angora would then mixed with the local farm cats to give birth to maine coon.

Another theory is that the breed developed from crosses between local farm cats and other cats with long hair or medium length imported first by the Vikings around 1000 AD. Maine coon cat then descend Norwegian forest, which would explain their similarity. This hypothesis is supported by the similarity between Turkish van, Siberian, Norwegian and finally maine coons whose geographic origins correspond to the movement of the Vikings. This similarity with the Norwegian can also be explained by the fact that the winter climate of New England and Norway are identical and have therefore led to select the same physical characteristics.

In the nineteenth century, Ms. Pierce, an early owner maine coon also hypothesized that these cats had arrived on the coast of Maine by the sea, but not thanks to the Vikings, not by the wealthy families of Maine who had then luxury boats and traveled widely. They have brought their many expeditions exotic pets, especially for entertaining children. The second hypothesis was that Ms. Pierce Angora cats were on board merchant ships to hunt rats. In both cases, they would have landed on the East Coast and would have mixed with local short-haired cats.





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